TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) Program

The TYE program is a series of structured workshops for high school students where the students learn how to come up with a good business idea and build a plan around it. Participants are mentored in teams by our Charter Members, culminating in a formal presentation of their idea and plan to a panel of experienced entrepreneurs.




The TiE Young Entrepreneurs program is aimed at school age students from year 8 to year 11 within Victoria.

The program is designed as a team event, however individual participants are also encouraged. The program focus is to take a good idea and turn it into a robust business plan that will be scrutinised by a panel of leading entrepreneurs at the completion of the program.

The teams are supported on this journey from idea to plan by a facilitated workshop program run over 10 weeks during August to October 2020, plus access to a team mentor. The program aims to teach and expose the participants to the how to generate and identify good ideas, how to build a robust business plan around that idea and then how to present this to prospective investors.


Workshop #1  Ideation and Opportunity Recognition

Workshop #2  Business Plan at Depth – Sales and Marketing

Workshop #3  Business Plan at Depth – Pricing and Financials

Workshop #4  Presenting Powerfully



Date Activity
Monday, 13th July Applications Open
Sunday, 9 August Applications Close
Tuesday, 11 August Successful teams notified
Saturday, 15 August Workshop #1 Ideation & Conscious Entrepreneurship
Wednesday, 19 August Team session with Mentor #1 (via Zoom)
Saturday, 22 August Workshop #2 Business Plan at Depth (Sales & Marketing)
Wednesday, 26 August Team session with Mentor #2 (via Zoom)
Saturday, 29 August Workshop #3 Business Plan at Depth (Accounting & Finance)
Wednesday, 2 September Team session with Mentor #3 (via Zoom)
Saturday, 5 September Workshop #4 Presenting Powerfully
Wednesday, 9 September Team session with Mentor #4 (via Zoom)
Saturday, 19 September TYE Melbourne Finale


  • TYE is a hands-on experiential program that allows teams to work through the process of turning a great idea into a business plan others may consider an investment opportunity.
  • It inspires creativity, collaboration and planning.
  • It exposes teams to different ways of thinking through access to industry innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • The winning team has the opportunity to pitch their business plan to entrepreneurs in the USA.
  • Great networking opportunity to meet other dynamic students



You can apply by filling out this form:




There is no registration fee. However, successful applicants will have to pay program fee of $100 each. Your program fee will also come with a year long membership of TiE Melbourne. Payment instructions will be provided to shortlisted applicants on 4 August 2020. 


  • The winning team will receive $1500 Prize Money.
  • The Winning Team will also have the opportunity to represent TiE Melbourne in the Global Leg of the Program in July 2021

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