TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) Program

The TYE program is a series of structured workshops for high school students where the students learn how to come up with a good business idea and build a plan around it. Participants, in teams of 3-4 students, are mentored in teams by TiE Melbourne Charter Members, who are experienced and successful leaders and entrepreneurs. The TYE Program culminates in a formal team presentation of their idea and business plan to a panel of experienced entrepreneurs.

The goal of the TYE program is to inspire, challenge and empower high school students to become the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.


The TiE Young Entrepreneurs program is aimed at school-age students from Year 8 to Year 11.

The program is designed as a team event event, with successful applicants organized into team of 3-4 students. The focus is to take a good idea and turn it into a robust business plan which is pitched to a panel of leading entrepreneurs at the completion of the program.

The teams are supported on this journey from idea to plan by facilitated workshops run over 7 weeks during July and August 2022. TiE will provide a dedicated mentor to support each team through the journey from idea to pitch.

The program aims to teach and expose the participants how to generate and identify good ideas, how to build a robust business plan around that idea, and then how to present this to prospective investors and stakeholders.


The TYE Melbourne 2022 program will be delivered through a hybrid (physical + Zoom) model. During the program, students in Melbourne will physically attend the workshops at Swinburne University, Hawthorn Campus, each Saturday. After each workshop, the teams will spend time with their mentors applying their learnings to their business idea. 

Interstate students will attend the same workshops online and meet their mentors via Zoom.

They hybrid model allows students from across Australia to work together to develop their ideas and business acumen.


Workshop #1  Ideation and Opportunity Recognition

Workshop #2  Business Plan – Pricing and Financials

Workshop #3  Business Plan – Sales and Marketing

Workshop #4  Presenting Powerfully


Date Activity
Saturday, 30th July Applications Close
Monday, 1st August Successful applicants notified
Wednesday, 3rd August Deadline for paying the enrolment fee
Saturday, 6th August Workshop #1 Ideation & Conscious Entrepreneurship
Saturday, 13th August Workshop #2 Business Plan  (Accounting & Finance)
Saturday, 20th August Workshop #3 Business Plan (Sales & Marketing)
Saturday, 27th August Workshop #4 Presenting Powerfully
Saturday, 10th September TYE ’22 Grand Finale


Workshops: 1pm to 5pm
Mid-week Mentor connect: Timing determined by mentors based on availability


Virtual – Online over Zoom for inter-state participants

Mentor meetings – in person for candidates in Victoria


  • TYE is a hands-on experiential program that allows teams to work through the process of turning a great idea into a business plan others may consider an investment opportunity.
  • It inspires creativity, collaboration and planning.
  • It exposes teams to different ways of thinking through access to industry innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • The winning team has the opportunity to pitch their business plan to entrepreneurs in the USA.
  • Great networking opportunity to meet other dynamic students.


You can apply by filling out this form:



There is no application fee. However, successful applicants will have to pay a program fee of $100 each to enrol in the program. Your program fee will also come with a year-long membership of TiE Melbourne. Payment instructions will be provided to the shortlisted applicants. 


  • The winning team will receive $1500 prize money.
  • The Winning Team will also have the opportunity to represent TiE Melbourne in the TiE Global Finale of the Program in July 2023.

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