TiE Melbourne is part of TiE Global, a not-for-profit network of entrepreneurs and professionals. TiE provides a platform for mentoring, networking and education to entrepreneurs and professionals.

A successful mentoring relationship requires some structure to support both the mentor and mentee during their time together. 

Use the following MEET structure to have defined phases through the process that will 

ensure you have a framework for your mentoring together: 

MATCHING: Finding the right match. We want to ensure the mentor and mentee are comfortable together and are the right personality fit. 

ENGAGING: Collaborating with each other to establish mentoring terms and an agreement that suits both parties. 

EMPOWERING: Developing goals and supporting continued success.

TRANSITIONING: Ending the formal relationship, closing off and evaluating the overall experience. 

TiE Melbourne offers complimentary sessions for a maximum of 6 months. 

The amount of time for each phase will vary depending on your needs and personal style of both mentor and mentee. Throughout the meetings, progress analysis and progress checks should be completed.